In 1949 began an intense activity of installation of thermoelectric and hydroelectric power stations in our country. The electrical and mechanical fitter crews gathered in "Intreprinderea Electromontaj".
Starting with 1953 a part of this enterprise became a group of building sites, so at the beginning of 1957 "Grupul de Şantiere - Montaj Centrale Electrice" was set up.
From this group of building sites “ENERGOMONTAJ” was founded in 1962, as a Company specialized in the erection of power stations to be built in Romania.

* During 1950 - 1956 - some units of small power were installed (e.g. Diesel generators of 3600 HP and steam turbines of 12 MW).
* In 1956 - the first power unit of 50 MW was put into service. Then, a fast development of both thermoelectric and hydroelectric power plants began.
The first units in increasing order of installed capacity were put into operation as follows:

  • In 1963 - 100 MW from TPP Luduş-Iernut;
  • In 1964 - 150 MW from TPP Paroşeni;
  • In 1966 - 200 MW from TPP Luduş-Iernut;
  • In 1967 - 315 MW from TPP Işalniţa-Craiova;
  • In 1976 - 330 MW from TPP Rovinari.

In the same period the following hydroelectric power plants were put into operation, as follows:

  • In 1960 - 1962 - 210 MW from HPP Bicaz;
  • In 1971 - 1050 MW from HPP Porţile de Fier I;
  • In 1973 - 510 MW from HPP Lotru-Ciunget;
  • In 1975 - 1994 -1095.5 MW from HPP Lower Olt River;
  • In 1985 - 1986 -216 MW from HPP Porţile de Fier II;
  • In 1987 - 335 MW from HPP Râul Mare - Retezat.

Since 1972 - Energomontaj took part in performing abroad activities, through the agency of foreign trade companies. Nowadays, we perform different erection works based on direct contracts.
In1993 - Energomontaj became a joint stock company with private capital. At the same time the field of activity diversifies by manufacturing different accessories for overhaul repair or rehabilitation works.
Our Company also begins to perform treatment installations for drinking water and networks related to natural gas distribution, district heating, lighting telephony, control and automation for civil and industrial works. We are also performing a lot of activities related to cement industry, co-operating with foreign companies.

  • commissioning of  unit no. 1 of 50 MW from TPP Arad;
  • commissioning of HU 1 of 27 MW from HPP Gogoşu, HU 2 of 70 MW from HPP Ruieni, HU 1 of 20 MW from HPP Călineşti, HU 2 of 5.5 MW from HPP Vădeni, HU 2 of 7.1 MW from HPP Scoreiu, HU 1 of 20 MW from HPP Călimăneşti.

In 2014
- beginning the modernization works of Cernavoda, Agigea and Ovidiu Locks - equipment and installations, Danube - Black Sea Canal;
- commissioning of HU 1 and 2 of 16 MW, Racovita HPP;
- sewage works and waste water treatment, Creteni village, Valcea county;
- water supply, Mitrofani and Voicesti villages, Valcea county;
- irrigation works, Sahateni, Buzau county;
- completing works of boiler no. 2 of 420 to/h, operating on natural gas,  Arad TPP;
- modernization works of  under pressure system of boiler no. 4 of 330 MW, 1035 to steam/h , Rovinari Power Complex (mechanical and electrical works);
- completing works of flue gas desulphurisation installation of unit no. 4 of 330 MW, Rovinari Power Complex;
- flue gas desulphurisation installation of unit no. 5 of 50 MW and hot water boiler of 100 Gcal/h, Paroseni TPP;
- flue gas desulphurisation installation of boiler no. 7 of 420 to/h, Govora TPP;
- performing of substation of 20 kV, Casimcea wind power plant, Tulcea county;
- performing of Movila substation of 33/110 kV for Facaeni wind power complex, Ialomita county, including underground electric line of 110 kV and medium voltage cables;
- electrical works in Mireasa 1 substation of 110/20 kV and underground electric line of 110 kV between Mireasa and Galbiori wind power plants, Constanta county;
- electrical and automation installations works related to desulphurization installations of unit no. 7 and 8, Isalnita TPP;
- public utilities infrastructure in Oradea Eurobusiness industrial complex, phase I;
- ash and slag stores works from Oradea II TPP (superelevation from level 117m to 121 m); Turceni TPP -Valea Ceplea (superelevation cell 2); Turceni TPP (dense slurry); Iasi II TPP (ash and slag dry collecting);
- works at sewage treatment plants from Cugir, Adjud and Ocna Mures;


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