The export activities developed by ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. includes both the export of mechanical equipment and the export of services. Equipment export refers to the equipment made by our Company on the basis of projects supplied by our customers. The range of products presented for export, made in concordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 includes electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, silos, pressure vessels, steel structures, desulphurization plants, heat exchangers, boilers components, industrial halls aso. Through the agency of our clients, as the worldwide known Companies, as: ALSTOM POWER, FLS Miljo, SIEMENS, KVAERNER, aso, equipment made by ENERGOMONTAJ was exported to Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Portugal, United States, Chile, China, Thailand, United Emirates aso. Export of services, mechanical and electrical erection works develops either as for completing the equipment export for turn-key contracts, or independently. Among the countries were Import – Export Direction developed erection works are Holland, Sweden, Norway, France, Portugal, China, United Emirates, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark, Estonia and Slovakia.