In order to develop the main activities, ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. holds:
– 42 owned land (production bases and homes), located through-out the country, having a total area of 562,911 sqm;
– 22 administrative head offices having an area of 22,333 sqm located in 17 places;
– 266 flats and 9 homes (work housing) with an accommodation capacity of 1,440 accommodations.
The storage spaces are equipped with lifting and handling equipment and covers an area of 157,133.23 sqm.

Denomination sqm
Workshops, laboratories 37,699
Closed stories (warehouses) 27,940
Sheds 6,915
Locker rooms 5,886
Offices 11,200
Encampments (Mobile shed of foreman + TUG 1/4) 3,271