Dear Shareholders, Partners and Colleagues,

We are pleased to present our Company, ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. – Romanian Company  with full private capital. Our main activity is the erection and setting into service of power stations and related equipment.
Our Company is organised in specific units for the main following activities:
– Thermoelectric Power Stations
– Hydroelectric Power Stations
– Electrical Installations, Automation and Telecommunications
– Manufacture of Power Equipment
In România,
ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. has 6 Branches with more than 30 sites uniformly spread across the country:
– Bucharest Branch
– Slatina Iron Gates Branch
– Rovinari Branch
– Timişoara Branch
– Drobeta Turnu Severin Branch
and abroad:
– Estonia Branch
– Denmark Branch
– Poland Branch
– Egypt Branch
– Norway Branch
– France Branch
Starting with 1993, the year when our Company turned into a private one, our activity has diversified, we perform:
– drinking water treatment installations,
– pipe systems for water or natural gas supply,
– district heating installations and networks,
– special corrosion protection works,
– different steel structures,
– installation of optic fiber networks for telecommunication.
We also perform rehabilitation and modernization activities related to cement factories and steel mills.
ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. is also manufacturer and supplier of miscellaneous steel structures.
Due to the activity performed and to its experience since 1972, ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. has been acting in many fields abroad, in three continents:
– Europe
– Africa
– Asia
We hope that the amount and the quality of our work guarantee we are the reliable partners you are looking for.
We would welcome any opportunity to meet and offer our fullest services.

Yours faithfully,

President & CEO