Main Businesses

ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. is registered within the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) under the trademark ”SAEM ENERGOMONTAJ S.A.” for the following classes of products/services:
– class 37 – constructions, modernizations, repairs, site organization, maintenance, service for thermo electrical, hydro electrical, electrical and nuclear objectives; repairs for automotive, electrical and mechanical equipment, renting of equipment for machine construction;
– class   6 – different steel structures;
– class 42 – performing of technological designs for erection works and special devices for the specific field of activity; technical assistance and consulting in the field of erection of industrial and especially energy equipment; informatics activity in the energy field;
– class 35 – import – export activities and commercial of specific products; bidding activity;
– class 39 – performing of transportation (normal and oversized);
– class 1 – oxygen and acetylene.

Using the qualification and technologies available within the Company and supported by partners ‘experience, ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. is able to supply full services.
The Company is the major performer of erection activities delivered for “turn key” to our clients within the field of electrical and thermal power supply. We also develop a great number of activities for the petroleum and natural gas processing and transportation, as well as for drinking water treatment. During the last years we became specialized in activities related to cement industry.
Mechanical equipment
ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. performs erection, repair, maintenance or rehabilitation activities and also special corrosion protection works for mechanical equipment and pipe or duct lines necessary for producing electrical and thermal power and also for other processing industries.
Electrical equipment and regulating systems
Our tradition regarding electrical and automation installations is based on the decades of activity in the execution and commissioning (”turn key” delivery) of electrical power plants in our country as sole experts.
ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. performs erection works for electrical and automation equipment, for control systems (turn-key works for transfer stations and power circuits) and execution works of electrical and automation installations for various industrial branches, telecommunications (including optical fibre networks), computers (industrial applications), air conditioning and ventilation installations.
Manufacture of power equipment and spare parts
We deliver on demand mechanical equipment and special accessories within the country and abroad, as: subassemblies for steam and boiling water generators, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, silos, pressure vessels, steel structures, desulphurization installations, boiler parts, heat exchanger, industrial halls aso).
Erection works for cement mills;
Design, manufacturing, mounting/ dismantling, maintenance, repair works, components including steel structures and installations for land reclamation, potentially explosive environments, surveillance systems, as well as for urban works (water supply, sewerage, water and waste water treatment systems, gas and district heating networks); industrial gas treatment installations, thermal power transportation installations, lighting, telephony, control and automation for civil and industrial works.
Sanitary, heating and conditioned air plants works;
Foreign trade activity
We are able to carry on export activities both for the mechanical equipment manufactured by our Company and using foreign partners’ projects and services. Through the agency of our partners, world known Companies, as: ALSTOM Power, FLS Miljo, SIEMENS, Kvaerner, the equipment manufactured by ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. was exported to Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, United States, Peru, Chile, Thailand, United Arabian Emirates aso. The export activities related to services, mechanical, electrical and automation erection works have been carried out in the same countries, either for completing the equipment delivery for “turn-key” contracts, or as independent activity.
Sales activity
By own Supply and Sales Branch we market materials and various equipment by retail or direct sale.